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About Me

I know you’ve come here to read about me, but the truth is, this is not about me.

It is about you and how I can help you create ‘magic’ in your relationship with your children.

I know your story.

You are that working mum, fully engaged in a career that takes you away from your home and the children you love so dearly.

You love your job – the buzz, the people, the power it gives you to make a difference in the world and in your family’s finances.

But you’ve also been told that having a career and raising children is like trying to mix water and oil  – they just don’t mix!

From cyberspace to family meetings to PTA meetings, you are constantly bombarded with messages that leaves you feeling guilty about being a working class mum.

Cue Aunty Mo!!!

Think of me as your fairy godmother, here to sprinkle some pixie dust on all your fears and make them float away

My job is to help you discover creative ways to ‘have your cake and eat it’ as I share tips and inspiration that has worked for countless parents.

I was that troubled teen raised by a working mum so I can tell you first hand the impact of parenting decisions on children.

I have worked for most of my adult life as a teacher and educational administrator, so I have vast experience working with different families and helping them discover their uniqueness.

I am a trained counsellor whose mission is to help parents understand themselves and their children better so that their parenting efforts can be tailored to suit their children’s needs.

I process all the ‘sound’ advice, psychology ‘mumbo-jumbo’, scientific parenting studies and I  distil them to you in simple-easy-to-understand-actionable-bite-sized-dozes!

My name is Wunmi Adetipe – ‘Aunty Mo’ is a nickname given by a dear aunt, I use it as my moniker as a tribute to her memory.

I live in Lagos, Nigeria with my wonderful husband, beautiful daughter and amazing son.

If you met my children, here are a few things they might tell you about me:

  • That I’m their best friend,
  • That I’m kind,
  • That I’m beautiful,
  • That I’m their ‘voltron’,
  • That I love books and reading,
  • And that I can be very strict!

So now that we are well acquainted, I’d like to welcome you to my little corner in cyberspace.